Hélène Litorelle


Hélène Litorelle is a niche silk accessories and jewelry brand that creates unique pieces and charm items to attract luck and fortune.

The brand was founded by Hélène Litorelle, the designer and creative artist with her passion and specialty in ancient artifact symbolism.

Most items are inspired by the cult of totems. The artist studies Jungian analysis and, accordingly, symbols she depicts in her own drawings. Then she transfers them to Italian silk creating a collection of scarves, caftans and other accessories. In addition to the collection with totem animals, there are metaphorical cards for divination, developed by Hélène Litorelle.

Why has humanity reached an incredible level of technological development, but our world continues to grow colder and aloof? In a society of uncertainty where the main focus is on personalities, people want to know more about who they are and what can strengthen the mind, body and soul.

Hélène Litorelle believes that only after studying the art of previous generations and interpreting the signs and symbols that have been handed down to us as an inheritance will we establish the connection of the times. To confirm her conviction, the artist created a limited collection of silk scarves with prints from the Scythian golden pectoral - the most famous museum exhibit of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine.