Have A Rest


Have A Rest — a smart suitcase you didn’t know you needed!

Have A Rest is a Ukraine based smart suitcase brand known for its technology oriented approach to travel supplying you with all innovative necessities in one suitcase. Having been founded in 2018, the brand has already been able to climb its way up globally. Have A Rest remains transparent with its values and goals towards sustainability. The eco-suitcase collection with KSENIASCHNAIDER made out of recycled water bottles and used old suitcases, has won an award of The Very Best of 2021. Chic design, technological approach and sustainable functionality are the most fitting descriptions for Have A Rest.

Have A Rest is a smart suitcase and travel accessories brand founded by Alina Dolinina back in 2018. The key mission of the brand is the philosophy of traveling comfortably. Have A Rest is there to take care of a slick style, technological convenience and easy functionality for individuals with these suitcases to not worry about any details of the travels.

Have A Rest classic suitcase is made out of polycarbonate, a light and long lasting material that handles a large weight and weather changes. The handle of the suitcases is aluminium, 4 four wheels spin to 360°. Every purchase includes a one-year warranty to cover any damages occurred within the time frame.