Indposhiv is the first brand of classic men's bespoke clothing in Ukraine. The history of the brand begins with a small workshop-atelier that Kateryna Vozianova established in 2009. All Indposhiv’s garments are made in compliance with Savile Row Bespoke Association standards.

Until 2021 we worked exclusively in the bespoke segment, and at the end of 2021 we have launched casual and black tie lines.

The garments in these lines are tailored according to all bespoke canons, they are more than 80% handmade and the materials used are of the best possible quality.

In 2022, this is no longer just a workshop, it is a group of companies under a single roof with a staff of more than 70 people. We cultivate bespoke culture in Ukraine and gather the highest-class tailors who are the diamonds from the ore, in order to preserve the centuries-old craftsmanship of handmade tailoring.