T.Mosca brand was born to be unique. Its signature items are knitted clothes of a highest quality. Sweaters, cardigans, tank tops, coats and even pajamas - up to 80% of each collection is knitwear. T.Mosca talisman, decorative handmade fly or dragonfly skillfully placed on the items; and is well known among fashionistas, customers and friends of the brand.

Certainly, signature thing of the label is sweater with an open back, which has long been the object of desire and true eye-catcher in the fashion world.

T.Mosca is a regular participant of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Each season brand has positive media coverage in top fashion issues such as L’Officiel, ELLE, Buro 24/7, COSMOPOLITAN, Vogue and others.

“Our philosophy is simple and clear - nature as an eternal source of inspiration. The moment you wear T.Mosca sweaters, you’d no longer wish to wear something else”, the creators of the brand Katerina Kvit and Ksenia Golubchenko are convinced.

Their words are not empty statements. Young, self-sufficient, fashionable – they know what girls want.

“T.Mosca is the embodiment of our dream to create beautiful and at the same time comfortable clothes.”