Damn Jewelry offers hot, stylish, trendy and elegant pieces

Brand Values: Luxe, Confidence, Sophistication

We inspire of luxury, cool parties, expensive taste, trendsetters and style addicted person. We specialize in premium stone products. These are massive chains, pendants, bracelets
, platting. Our jewelry can be seen in more than 20 clips of domestic show business and on many media personalities

Brand journey started at the end of 2018
. All our jewelry is handcrafted with great love and attention to details. We use stainless steel, 925 silver rhodium platted and brass with 925 silver/18k gold

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, marking a steep escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War
. We decide to stay in Ukraine and help our nation as we can. The brand made the collection Proud to be Ukrainian to support country, raise patriotic spirit and raising funds for help. 
All profit (it was more than 10 000$) we send to solve humanitarian problem and charity funds in Ukraine.