My Twenty Five


MY TWENTY FIVE means you will never be enough, at least twenty five pairs can quench your thirst.

The brand was founded by designer Katya Lysenko in 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine. It started with passion, smart sexiness and a bit of drama, and became a symbol of modern woman. She can be whoever she wants, but being confident is the key. Courage is what she carries in her heart, she always wants more, because one isn’t enough.

We know that comfort is a thing, that’s why we stand for customizing. We did research on more than 300 feet to reach perfect measurements, because you’re worth it.

XOXO, MY25 team

Katya Lysenko

This shoe obsession started in my childhood. I remember myself as a little kid spinning in front of a mirror in my mom’s shoes. And you know what? I don’t actually remember anything that could make me so happy.

25 years later in December me and my girls were looking for the perfect New Year’s shoes. Suddenly we figured out that there were only two options: to buy expensive Italian brands we couldn’t afford or cheap and uncomfortable ones. From that moment I decided to start my own dream: I wanted to make other girls feel confident and comfortable. 

For me it is much more than just shoes of course and my Ukrainian clients already know that each pair is made of love!