OLIZ is an ethical brand with a full production cycle in Kyiv, Ukraine. All designs for the clothes and accessories are hand-developed by painters - inspired by art, cultural heritage, and bright traditional patterns. All sketches are copyrighted. OLIZ support slow fashion and creates timeless styles, using only natural and eco-friendly materials in all stages of production.

Love and passion for Ukrainian vintage scarves are in OLIZ heart. This collection was inherited by the brand's founder Khrystyna Zboroshenko. In 2013 Khristina founded OLIZ, bringing together a purely female team that lives by its work and love of art. The brand started working with vintage scarves, and a little later the idea of producing modern silk accessories came. The prints were created basically on Ukrainian folk traditions and culture. OLIZ now works with contemporary artists from around the world and continues to develop collections dedicated to the country's cultural heritage.