THEO is a creative bureau focusing on experimental yet exceptional outerwear with a minimalistic approach to designs for men and women.

Led by Theo Dekan, the brand's team constructs pieces aimed at erasing boundaries, offering power silhouettes and agender notes, all the while maintaining the effortless attractiveness of everyday clothing.

Each piece encapsulates the designer's journey and dreams, skillfully blending functionality with an allure that captivates and entices. Layering well-constructed forms with the dualism of colors, materials, and senses into the refined modern staples, Teo Dekan creates his very own universe, where his heroes are always one step ahead.

Blending urban inspiration with our signature functional design, we create the comfort of living in the form of timeless wardrobe staples. Exploring concepts of utility, we define four-style pocket Tomboy Jacket as the core of the brand's DNA, surfacing in every collection with a new twist.

‍THEO was founded in 2015