Olena Dats' is a Ukrainian fashion brand working in the field of Prêt-à-Porter de Lux. The brand Olena Dats’ and Olena Dats’ Gallery was founded by famous Ukrainian designer Olena Dats’ in 2008 with the head office in Lviv, Ukraine.

Olena Dats' clothes are distinguished by the most complex techniques of processing and decoration, so the designer has rightfully earned her recognition as a virtuoso of evening dresses.

The brand’s mission is to preserve and revive Ukrainian traditional clothing while bringing a modern interpretation.

The philosophy of Olena Dats': the brand comes laden with a love to art, travels, and exquisite taste. This is elegant, timeless clothing with original details and impeccable cutting and sewing traditions. Close attention is paid to materials as most fabrics being created exclusively for Olena Dats' brand.