Finalist of the first LVMH prize edition, architecture graduate Julie Paskal launched her eponymous brand PASKAL in 2013. Paskal is renowned for delicate silhouettes and minimalistic shapes, which are reminiscent of innovative architecture and nature.

Beauty is derived from the garments core components and construction, laser cutting is at the core of the brand's DNA. The result is a sensitive design with a strong personality.

Julie Paskal

A starting point for Julie Paskal as a designer was the moment while she was shortlisted for the first LVMH prize. Since then she became a permanent participant of Mercedes-Benz Kyiv Fashion Days, and Paris Fashion week.

Being for along time a part of the Ukrainian fashion industry and also an active player in the global marketplace, inspired her to share the experience with other Ukrainian designers, and at the end of 2014, together with her partner VladymyrSavchenko, Julie launched SCHWETZ manufactory in Kyiv.

During the next 3 years, it was a growth platform for young designers, where they have become more confident in production and deliveries and also a place where PASKAL garments were produced.

Despite the quarantine, 2020 was also very fruitful for a designer, as she launched her sportswear brand-Aeobika Athleisure, and together with Elena Nagornaya launched SIS Showroom for Ukrainiandesigners in Paris.