With a team of skilled artisans from diverse backgrounds, HVÓYA is committed to promoting individuality and self-expression through its meticulously handcrafted products and attention to detail

Drawing inspiration from unconventional shapes, textures, and materials, HVÓYA creates exceptional footwear, prioritizing aesthetics, individuality, and comfort

The brand’s distinct approach lies in its careful attention to detail and use of vintage shoe lasts, selected for their unique shapes, to create remarkable designs. HVÓYA’s pursuit of exceptional shoe last is an ongoing experiment, ensuring each creation is truly unique

“HVÓYA embodies a blend of intellectual minimalism, eclectic elements, a touch of romantic flair, and a rebellious spirit. As a designer, I draw inspiration from shapes, textures, materials, and even life crises, surprisingly enough. The experiences I gain transform into emotional images which I bring to life in my collections”,shares the owner and designer of the brand, Maria Simich-Moiseenko