ANGELFORFASHION.COM is a place for you to discover, shop and personally support the Ukrainian fashion industry. Here you can find new content and styles as you discover the creations of each amazing brand. You’ll get to know each designer and develop a personal emotional connection to their work. Many of you have been watching the courage and strength of the Ukrainian people as they resist and uphold their strong values. We’re here to introduce you to another amazing force within Ukraine: their phenomenal fashion industry. They are inspiring, courageous and you will see their values reflected in their creations.

Now more than ever these brands need Angels like you. AFF was created to mobilize the global fashion community and ensure Ukrainian fashion continues to thrive. As you explore each brand on ANGELFORFASHION.COM
understand we want you to fall in love with each designer and become an Angel for Fashion.

Our goal is for you to buy a piece of their heart that lies within every stitch of clothing, so please shop with confidence knowing you are supporting these companies with your purchase as the money goes directly to support the brand and their creative employees.

Discover, desire, connect, and enjoy the innovative Ukrainian fashion industry. Become a fan for life, so we can all continue to have freedom prevail forever.

Jen Sidary

CEO & Founder