Kofta Studio


kofta is the independent couture studio specializing in the art of leather craft using futuristic technics. Based in Ukraine since 2010 the studio carry out unique projects and seasonal collections from start to finish, allowing them to be designed, developed and produced in-house. In the last few years, kofta won numerous art&fashion contests (A’Design 2016, Red Dot 2018 to name few) and was exhibited in K11 Gallery in Shanghai for the prestigious “BAGISM” exhibition.

Objects of kofta studio would be found at the intersection of art and applied science. Accomplished by using the futuristic techniques such as 3D-modeling/-printing/-cutting mixed with the traditional leather craft methods like molding, drying, straining, hand painting etc., they provide an independently fresh view at the manufacturing process, which is carried out entirely in-studio by kofta team.

We want to allow the viewer to gain different perspective on familiar things through synergizing with our artwork. Our bags serve as a canvas for expressing our creative intentions through properties that they did not initially possess endowing them with ability to bring aesthetic pleasure, while maintaining functionality.