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Among the many ancient and modern nations, the falcon in the cult worship is given a special place.

Thus, in ancient Egypt, the falcon, the symbol of royal power, was allegorically the image of Horus, the great god of sky. The Scythians of the Black Sea region honored the falcon as their totem and even called themselves «falconers».

A sharp-sighted and insightful bird of high flying with inherent in foresight and inviolability. The well-known sign of the "all-seeing eye" indicates what is hidden behind the edge of everyday life and allows to unravel the mysteries of the universe thanks to the intuition and supernatural abilities.

The lotus flower depicted in the drawing means the aspiration to the truth, spiritual growth on the path of evolution, peace and tranquility, divinity and rebirth

Description: 100% HANDMADE
Brooches care and storage rules:
• Protect from falls and bumps
• Avoid contact with cosmetics and perfumes, as well as any other liquids
• Do not machine wash
• Store in individual packaging avoiding direct sunlight
• Store straightened, do not bend
• Do not wear under heavy outwear
• If the product gets wet, dry it in a warm room in natural conditions