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Braille Long Dress in Black has a loose voluminous fit. In the creation of one dress, we use 5 meters of light-weight linen and half a meter of thick linen. This fabric combination allows our artisans to achieve a flowing and airy silhouette and to avoid transparency. The skirt of the dress has a short petticoat and consists of three tiers. On the sides of the upper tier of the skirt, there are pockets sewn by decorative embroidery. Each of the three tiers is assembled to create volume. All tiers are decorated with hand stitching. The upper and middle tiers are also decorated with double pleats. The top of the dress is double-layered. The neck and belt of the dress are decorated with black sparkling beads of exceptional quality. The edges of the sleeves are decorated with a lot of pleats and shimmering hand stitching.

Braille Alphabet embroidery motif, is created using a unique mix of the most progressive machine embroidery intertwining with hand-made applique, hand stitching and hand inlay beads. One of the elements of the embroidery pattern is Braille encoded symbols for Water, Fire, Air, Terre and Spirit. To embroider the dress, we use three types of thread.

Fabric: 100% linen
Embroidery: acrylic & lurex thread

XS bust 88 length 130
S bust 94 length 140
M bust 100 length 142