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T-shirt AR Borshchivka

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Ukrainian vyshyvanka, Ukrainian symbols, Ukrainian ornaments will always be filled with greater meaning.  One that you cannot see on the surface, but the one that reaches incredible sacred depths. This t-shirt is a chest waiting to be opened to reveal its secrets.  A chest that preserves family traditions and treasures, bringing together the past and the future. This t-shirt is the personification of the immense universe that unites the virtual and the real.

The t-shirt was created using Augmented Reality technology by FFFACEME studio for the Olena Dats' brand.  By following the link on the t-shirt, you will also become the owner of a virtual 1920s vyshyvanka of Borshchiv region from the private collection of the designer's family. 

Here is a link to the instructions:

Сomposition: coton 100%

Dry clean only