KULAKOVSKY is a Ukrainian brand of handcrafted leather goods created by Artur Kulakovsky, who perfected his craftsmanship and cultivated his unique style for nearly 10 years in his family's leather workshop.

Aiming to create wardrobe staples beyond time and trends, KULAKOVSKY reimagines classic silhouettes into a new and original edit and encapsulates the synergy of distinct values: responsible sourcing, premium quality production and dedicated customer experience.

Starting from producing high-end leather outerwear, KULAKOVSKY’s product range grew up to the womenswear clothing and accessories lines, all handcrafted from genuine leather of the highest quality.

Today, KULAKOVSKY is a full production workshop of investment leather pieces. All the garments are produced locally from carefully sourced leather and shearling following the brand’s slow-fashion approach to the manufacturing. Each item is handcrafted end-to-end by one tailor with additional services such as customization and made-to-measure tailoring.

The combination of exclusive design solutions, attentive production process and brand’s focus on details have led KULAKOVSKY to be a wardrobe essential for many customers around the world, including renowned celebrities and influencers.

Among those who are wearing KULAKOVSKY are Olivia Culpo, Marc Forne, Christie Tyler, Grece Ghanem, Monica Ainley de La Villardiere and Jessie Andrews to name a few.

After the breakout of the full scale war in Ukraine, Artur Kulakovsky and his team carried on working against all odds to sustain the business and support their homeland — not only in the form of constant donations to charity funds but also by making the tag “Made in Ukraine” worth investing in.