We, founders and creative heads of the FINCH brand, a family couple ​​of Kateryna Biakova and Maksym Holub, decided to change our lives dramatically in 2013. We’ve left our stable jobs in IT- and law companies, moved to Kyiv and began building a business: a decent fashion brand in the middle market segment. Since 2015 FINCH started creating more sophisticated collections and in 2018 became resident of the Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Among our major inspirations are wabi-sabi culture, auteur cinema, avant-garde music, contemporary art. Our key features are natural fabrics, multilayered geometric silhouettes, custom prints and collaborations with artists, cross-sectoral and tech integrations. We are first to use digitalization and augmented reality on Instagram to make the brand recognizable worldwide.

FINCH and AR solutions

In 2019 FINCH used augmented reality filters to support their new collection with the art prints by Swiss artist Marianne Hollenstein. In early 2020, even before the restrictions caused by the pandemic, FINCH decided to bring the idea of a virtual fashion collection to life partnering with the most influential AR developers in Eastern Europe — FFFACE.ME. We revealed first ever neverending fashion show in the scope of Ukrainian Fashion Week, created the AR-powered clothing line and more.

First AR-clothing collection by FINCH was released in February 2020, it consisted of AR-filters, representing every look of the real collection. Each filter integrated a scan of a real FINCH outfit on a human model in 3D-models into the users’ Instagram camera in real-time. The user could scale the 3D-look, take any pictures and videos with it in the user's environment. The filters with this collection are still available in the Instagram account @finch_wear.

In July 2020 FINCH and FFFACE.ME we went further and started using augmented reality to create, not only present new clothing: the capsule of semi-digital clothing for Instagram was released back then. The sweatshirt and T-shirt from the FFFACE x FINCH capsule had a virtual 3D animation that works in the smartphone’s camera when you hover over a print through the Instagram story. As part of the new season of Ukrainian Fashion Week in September FINCH and FFFACE.ME presented an update to their semi-digital clothing: a total of 6 virtual looks based on two pieces of physical clothing.

A year after, in September 2021, FINCH and FFFACE.ME revealed their second drop of the AR clothing in collaboration with 7 artists.