BOBKOVA offers its own idea for casual clothes. The designer creates "things that are relevant regardless of time and situation." The iconic brand items distinguish the Japanese cut discipline

The brand rethinks gender stereotypes in clothes and produces items that support the desire to declare strength and femininity. The designer pays special attention to technological fabrics, unusual finishing; as well as customized shoes, handbags, and accessories

Clothes of the brand can be called intellectual, created for the woman,capable of estimating architectural cutting and complicated, but discreet colors. Clean lines, minimalist accessories, complexion in cutting, a silhouette graphic quality combined with a new concept of the beauty of the future — these are the characteristics of the look from BOBKOVA

"We stand for equality in all its manifestations, blurring gender boundaries. Femininity, strength, masculinity, elegance, and aesthetics are our criteria when talking about fashion and beauty. Recycling is an important part of our work. We recycle old raw materials or products using manual labor and taking care of the environment."